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Jamil Abiad


As a professional Global Basketball Trainer, he has become well-known and respected throughout the Ottawa area and Eastern Canada. As a young boy growing up in Ottawa, he loved and played all sports. He was a standout soccer player and played at a remarkably high level. I was first introduced to basketball at the age of twelve  and it was then he knew this is what he wanted to do. As he got older, he dedicated all his time to training on basketball with hopes to make his high school team. Going into grade nine at Colonel By high school, he faced a lot of adversity in my first year of basketball because it was all still new to him. He had lots of catching up & learning to do as a point guard. He spent the summer going into grade ten training each day and watching film to learn and understand the game. By grade twelve, he was a 4-time city all-star, and one of the top point guards in the city with numerous accolades. 


Fast forward a few years later and he was an RSEQ silver medalist, RSEQ Champion and sixth place at Nationals with honorable mentions and awards. The five years at Bishops University taught him a lot as a player. Being a leader, time management, self-discipline, and how to deal with adversity. After his university career, he was fortunate enough to play a couple of years professionally overseas. After playing his last season he decided it was time to put up the sneakers and help someone else reach their dreams.


 He has developed his own unique training methods, all aimed at syncing the body and mind in preparation for competing against the best. He believes that a rigorous training system not only develops physical strength but also the mental stamina required to compete at the highest levels of the game. He was constantly reading and learning to keep up with the latest training techniques and methodologies, and consistently push his athletes to the limit.


Over the last few years, he has been able to travel around the world, where he has been able to learn from NBA players, NBA coaches, top trainers and have had the privilege to train many elite players that have gone off to play NCAA, USPORTS, CCAA & Professionally abroad. He has also had the privilege to do some motivational speaking, talk about entrepreneurship and started a new competitive basketball program for "U17 & U19" boys in Ottawa. As basketball continues to grow at a rapid rate in Canada and worlwide, he is looking forward to helping as many athletes as possible reach their basketball dreams & goals.

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