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Financial literacy

Financial literacy

Goal 1:

As part of our pledge to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we have launched our financial literacy program to help achieve Goal 1: Financial Literacy. Our aim is to help educate young athletes on financial matters, allowing them to avoid experiencing poverty or financial hardships.


Our financial literacy program focuses on giving youths the financial skills and knowledge they need to make sound, confident, and beneficial financial decisions. Our experts and guest speakers train young athletes on all aspects of financial health, so that they are well-prepared to care for themselves in the future.

Erasing Poverty
at an Individual Level

One way to help reduce poverty throughout the globe is to help individuals learn how to avoid personal financial struggles and make sound financial decisions. We aim to help those in our communities learn how to care for themselves financially, so that they can, in turn, spread their financial awareness and help care for others as well.

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