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 Life Skills

Helping Hand
Meditating Outdoors
Student Life
Training Beyond Athletics

While athletics is at the heart of Youthsports Academy, we want to help each young athlete succeed outside of sports as well. We offer training and education on a variety of necessary life skills to ensure that they can care for themselves on and off
the court.

Our Program’s Goal

Our life skills program is focused on helping youths develop the skills necessary to be independent, self-sufficient, confident, and healthy. Our team of experts, guest speakers, and volunteers work together to provide the information and guidance needed to help young athletes become successful adults.

Preparing Youths for the World

Youths today face a challenging world, but with the proper life skills, they can face it head-on and help improve both their communities and the world itself. Our aim is to help young athletes develop the skills they need to enter the world with the confidence and knowledge to be able to achieve whatever they desire.

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