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sports development

Youth Basketball Game
Goal 3:
Good Health and Well-Being

As part of our pledge to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we have launched our sports development program to help achieve Goal 3: Health and Well-Being. Our aim is to help young people excel in athletics, develop healthy habits, and learn to respect their body.


Our program focuses on helping the youth in our served communities be the best athletes they can be. Our experts, coaches, and trainers help these young people develop strong athletic skills, learn how to best care for their bodies, and appreciate the
joy and benefits of competitive sports.

Connection and Opportunity Through Athletics

In addition to helping improve their athletic skills, our program strives to help young athletes realize the doors that sports can open from them. From scholarships to top-tier schools to the chance to use sports diplomacy to better the world, we help them see what athletics can offer. We also encourage them to find a sense of community and fulfillment through those they play with and
compete against.

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