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Gidget Migliaccio

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Gidget Migliaccio is a professional IFBB Athlete, currently competing to qualify for the Olympia. Gidget was born and raised in Zimbabwe during the oppressive Apartheid regime. Being of mixed race descent she personally experienced the hardships of poverty and racism. Her childhood and early life experiences are the reasons she is drawn to helping individuals less fortunate than herself. The physical and mental aspects of sports taught her early on the importance of hard work, discipline, and perseverance, these lessons impacted every aspect of her life in a positive manner.

Gidget earned a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Business Management. Her early accomplishments include having been the personal fashion designer for the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe and his wife, for the Deputy Prime minister Simon Muzenda and his wife. Once she arrived in London she was quickly hired by Shubert’s of London as part of their in-house management design team. Shubert’s clientele included the who’s who of London. Since then, she has owned created designed, and manufactured many successful lines in the couture, ski, fitness, and swimsuit apparel markets.

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